Why I am still a Christian.

Four propositions.

My parents became Christians in middle age. As a ten-year-old, I followed, and made a commitment to trust Jesus and follow him. Now, as a 73-year-old adult, I have been challenged in recent years to give up my faith, like a marathon runner who hits “the wall,” and considers giving up the race. In considering the reasons why I am still a Christian, I fall back on four things I believe are true. I put them forward as propositions that can be examined, tested and challenged.

1 In human history, Jesus is exceptional.

2 The Gospel records of his life and teaching are historical, reliable and available.

3 The witness accounts of the resurrection of Jesus are credible.

4 The way of Jesus is transformational.

These four propositions are developed in a sermon, “Why I am a Christian,” recorded at Edge Church in January 2020. It is available on line; as an mp3  or download.

Geoff Francis, February, 2020.