52 Headlines from Jesus!

1 “God’s Kingdom, Here at last!” – Jesus

2 “Turn Back to God & Accept the Good News!” – Jesus

3 “Poor…? Mourning…? Humble…? – Be glad!” – Jesus

4 “Distressed by What’s Wrong..? Desperate for What’s Right..? Be Glad!” – Jesus

5 “Merciful…? Pure in Heart…? Be Glad!” – Jesus

6 “Peace-Makers, Whistle-Blowers, Be Glad!” – Jesus

7 “Suffering Because of Me? Be Glad!” – Jesus

8 “Be Different! You Are The Light of The World.” – Jesus

9 “What is Good, True and Right, Does Not Change!” – Jesus

10 “Be Reconciled With Your Brother Before You Worship God!” – Jesus

11 “Don’t Cheat On Your Wife – Not Even With Your Eyes!” – Jesus

12 “Don’t Swear. Simply Speak The Truth!” – Jesus

13 “Don’t Try To Get Even! Go The Extra Mile!” – Jesus

14 “Anyone Can Love Their Friends! Love Your Enemies, And Pray For Them!” – Jesus

15  “Give To Those In Need, But Don’t Boast About It!” – Jesus.

16 “Fast And Pray To God In Private, Not To Impress Others” – Jesus

17 “This Is How To Pray; ‘Our Father…’ ” – Jesus

18 “Forgive Those Who Hurt You; Then God Will Forgive You” – Jesus

19 “Wealth Unreliable, Invest In Eternity” Jesus

20 “Your Eyes Can Fill Your Life With Light or Darkness. What Are You Focussing On? -Jesus”

21 “ You Cannot Serve Both God And Money!” – Jesus

22 “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow! Your Father Knows What You Need.” – Jesus

23 “Don’t Criticize Others! How You Judge Them God Will Judge You! Fix Your Own Faults First!” – Jesus 

24 “Keep On Searching and You Will Find The Truth!” – Jesus

25 “Fathers Want To Give You Good Things! So Does God! Ask Him!”- Jesus

26 “Treat Others As You Want Them To Treat You!” – Jesus

27 “Don’t Follow The Crowd To Hell! Search For The Path To Life” – Jesus

28 “Beware Of False Prophets. You’ll Know Them By what They Do!” – Jesus.

29 “Many Call Me ‘Lord, Lord’, But Don’t Obey My Father” – Jesus

30 “Build Your Life On Solid Rock! Follow What I Say” – Jesus

31 “I Haven’t Come For Good People. The Sick Need The Doctor. I Came For Sinners” – Jesus

32 “Weary…? Burdened..? Come To Me. I Will Give You Rest!” – Jesus

33 “Take My Yoke, It’s Not Too Heavy. You’ll Find Rest For Your Soul”! – Jesus

34 “Toxic words Spill Over From The Heart!” – Jesus

35 “Here Is The Proof You Want; Three Days Dead And Buried, And I Will Rise Again!” – Jesus

36 “Don’t Leave Your Life Vacant For Possession By Evil” – Jesus

37 “God’s Kingdom Is Like A Hidden Treasure; A Man Sold Everything He Had To Buy It” – Jesus

38 “What’s In Your Heart’s The Trouble; Lies, Lust, Greed, Hatred!” – Jesus

39 “With Just A Seed Of Faith You Can Move Mountains” – Jesus

40 “Every Child Is Precious To Your Father God” – Jesus

41 “Lead A Child Astray? You’d Be Better Off Drowned!” – Jesus

42 “If It Leads You To Sin, It’s Not Worth it; Get Rid Of It!” – Jesus

43 “Marriage Is The Maker’s Design! So Stick To Your Wife. Don’t Split Another Couple” – Jesus

44 “If You Want To Be Great You Must Become A Servant” – Jesus

45 “Share-Farmers Murder Owner’s Son. Awaiting Sentence!” – Jesus

46 “Pay The Taxes you Owe, And Give God His Due” – Jesus

47 “Two Basic Rules: Love God Whole-Heartedly; Love Your Neighbour As Yourself” – Jesus

48 “Don’t Neglect Justice, Mercy, Integrity!” – Jesus

49 “Be Ready! Suddenly The Master Will Return” – Jesus

50 “Have Courage! Use Your Talents To Build God’s Kingdom” – Jesus

51 “Hungry… Homeless… Locked Up… How You Treated Them, You Treated Me!”  – Jesus

52 “My Body Given… My Blood Poured Out… For You!” – Jesus